IPL Fanatsy League

The Indian Premier League (the “IPL” or “Event”) is a Twenty20 League organised and operated by the Board for Control of Cricket in India (“BCCI”). Through the Web Portal, the BCCI provides fantasy cricket games to users, where users are invited to build and act as owners of virtual squads (constituted of real players participating in the Indian Premier League (“IPL”)) that compete against virtual squads of other users (“Games”).

With IPL we got an opportunity to work with the major sporting body and without a doubt, this project has been one of our greatest achievements so far but has also brought us closer to designing for a splendid sports fan engagement.

IPL Fanatsy League IPL Fanatsy League

IPL Fantasy website had to handle a lot of request during the peak hours, where previous edition of the website failed to handle traffic. The platform should be scalable to more than 1 million of users. Improving the user interface and the experience was necessary while the web pages had to be optimised enough to respond to the high demand for the game and live score tracking.

We have taken a serverless approach by hosting our static files to Amazon S3 and made use of Amazon's gateway and lambda services to power our backend API's instead of spinning up EC2 VMs. The serverless architecture helped us to avoid the hassle of scaling up and down the servers and focus more on the business logic and structuring our architecture to handle higher traffic. Amazon's DynamoDB is used as the database which is a fully managed NoSQL database service that provides fast performance at any scale based on the read and write capacity provisioned.

With 1 million+ users playing fantasy cricket on our platform with an uptime of a whopping 99.99% translating to good-old all nighters, we had taken the cricket pitch to their couch and helped the fans be an active part of the game, and not just a spectator.

IPL Fanatsy League
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Fanatasy League Development


Node Js, React JS, Redis, Amazon Lamda and Dynomo DB