With our expertise in design, we redefine your business to deliver exceptional customer and business value and create a sustainable competitive advantage.With our expertise in design, we redefine your business to deliver exceptional customer and business.

Gartner predictions for 2022, states that 70% of all interactions are set to occur on mobile devices. A transformation like this demands businesses to not just produce better apps but also rethink the way they are built. The giants in the market have adopted the system of Personalized Digital Experience that has led to tremendous growth and raised the expectations throughout. The key to achieving this is to keep the customer as a central focus point in building the user interface which is the foundation of a good personalized digital experience.



Our design and user-centric development process focus on creating consumer products for the future. We constantly focus on ideas that go beyond your requirement to meet essential factors like scalability and maintenance and security. Our expertise has led to the creation of some of the market's best minimum viable products and a product strategy that has enabled different iterations of the product shaping it to perfection. As a digital product company, we constantly strive towards bringing consumer products that revolutionize the way we look at digital solutions.


We go all out to get a better understanding of your customers that help in the betterment of an existing product or bring about a fresh perspective for a new product. User research is the closest accurate prediction of a product's success before spending on development. We employ a combination of methodologies like research interviews, online surveys, Usability Testing, Behaviour analysis, field studies, focus groups and card sorting targeting your demographics and users. We custom make strategies to fit your business needs and your long term organizational goals.


Cartoon Mango Digital is a solutions company that is focused on developing IoT empowered products for the world of the future. Though IoT is often termed as complex and time-consuming our clear cut process enables quick to market solutions that reduce cost and time. Our service offerings are aimed at easing the businesses towards their adoption journey being at each step right from the solution architecture to support the business scalability along with the other factors that requires to provide multi channel consumer experience. Customer insights coupled with the right technology can make your product future proof.


Our customized sales solutions are designed keeping your organizational goals in mind. Our technological offerings are built to be scalable and reliable at any point in the future that is focused on only catering better for your in-house needs. Visibility on the salesforce helps you monitor all teams including sales and marketing. Forecasting specifically focuses on your sales pipeline enabling better decision making. The data platform feature helps you make quick decisions on the go, concrete decisions that are not impulse based but decisions that are data-driven.

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