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4 Months

Smart Shift was yet to unlock its full potential to dominate a market with tremendous potential. Our expert research enabled Smart Shift to understand the core of the problem and address with the help of a better strategy.


Despite the market being untapped, the app addressing a crucial need, had to gain a stronger foothold. Our research showed that both customers and porters were facing several issues, esp. while performing crucial functions. These issues needed an empathetic addressal, as well as, a quality fixing.



The biggest challenge was to facilitate the efficiency of the operations. A key contributor to the same was making the porters feel valued and fairly compensated.

Transparency in the core__

On the basis of our learnings, we designed the app to provide transparency in earnings to porters, and constraints and estimates to the customers. We further facilitated the usage by improving time estimation in geotagging, integrating online payment portals and employing a quick customer query redressal system.


Delivering promises and more__

The product was very well received in the market and it soon started to reflect in the app store ratings. The onboarding of new porters started to go up, driving better rates for all. The customers too started to embrace the payment and scheduling features, without worrying about the execution.

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