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3 Months

Ready to report is one of the initiatives of Amnesty that aims to educate, address and eradicate crimes against women. This much needed initiative needed to be carried across all the states and cities in India.


The large amount of content that was created during these events and the inspiring stories had to be put up as a tool that could inspire people to destigmatize women fighting for their rights.



This noble cause needed a platform that can act as a voice and set the tone for the larger conversation at hand. It was essential to create something that could be accessed by women from all walks of life bring in inspirations for women everywhere.

Designing for more than just a cause__

The platform that was created as less of an offering but more of a tool that was the need of the hour to empower women. Since this cause echoed deep within our values, we were with Amnesty at every step from the start to the completion of the project. We helped them in better content structuring that is scalable and a platform that translated the tone of the mission statement.


Sharpening the tools of empowerment__

The website built was a tool that had created spaces for women to educate about their rights. Something as simple as the knowledge of filing an FIR and the process around it were added to the website. All of it was designed in a manner that they were easily shareable for the information to spread like wildfire.

We are glad to have crossed paths with Cartoon Mango Digital at the right time, who aided us in revamping our digital identity. Cartoon Mango re structured enormous amounts of content and visually refined them on our site. Apart from this, the CMS that they designed has constantly kept our website updated for all our campaigns and events. We couldn’t have asked for anything more.
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