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At Cartoon Mango, we deal with the philosophy of design and deliver intuitive interfaces for all digital devices.

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what we do?
We craft your ideas into experience for end users in a way it connects and correlates them with your business.

User Experience and User Interface Design

We help solving big challenges in user interaction designs by integrating wide range of creative skills and market research methodologies. We understand the principle that design and technology should exist in equilibrium, which helps us to deliver captivating user experiences.

Web Applications

We will help you in achieving your goals in developing powerful and easy to use web applications that meet your requirements. With an efficient architecture and by following essential design principles we build applications that are scalable and interactive.

Mobile Applications

We turn your ideas into top-notch user friendly Mobile apps. We specialize in designing and developing native and hybrid mobile applications.

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Life At Cartoon Mango
We are designers, writers, developers, travellers and above all artists at heart.
  • Cartoon Mango Watch

    Rise Early, Work With Zeal, Strike Oil.

    We start our work at 8am in the morning. Starting the day early gives us quality time to plan and organize the things for the day ahead, which improves our productivity and helps us to achieve our goals efficiently. Likewise we prefer our team to leave the work early in the evening. We have a concern about our team's life outside of Cartoon Mango too.

  • Cartoon Mango Shoes

    Shoes Define Our Culture.

    At Cartoon Mango, we say lets wear shoes. Shoes tame you to wear better clothing. You wear a pant to match your shoes and a shirt to match your pant. One way or the other you will be inseperable from the aesthetics of clothing.

  • Travel at Cartoon Mango

    We Love Backpacking.

    Travel helps us to understand ourselves. Understanding ourselves helps us to understand the world around us better. These journeys of inward thinking assists us to produce world class conception and designs. We don't plan a travel. It happens almost every other weekends. Our backpack lies at the corner of our office, always ready for our next journey.

  • Cartoon Mango Educate

    Education Brings Light.

    We believe improving the public education and taking education to every child will bring forth a better generation and better society. Our team employ ourselves in both in-house and out of the house activities that reform education and improve access to it.
    "Every child deserves the chance to grow up, to dream and do big things." - Bill and Melinda Gates

  • Beer at Cartoon Mango

    Great Ideas Happen Over Cold Beer.

    Last but not the least, we are ardent beer lovers. Beer gets you relaxed, opens up your mind and gives way for better insights. So like they say, we drink beer for big ideas and coffee to get them done.

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No 12, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar
1st Street, Kolathur
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No 114,1st floor, East of NGEF Layout
2nd Main, Kasturi Nagar
Bengaluru - 560043, India

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