Cartoon Mango - UI/UX Design and Application development Company from Coimbatore and Bangalore,IndiaCartoon Mango - UI/UX Design and Application development Company from Coimbatore and Bangalore,India
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Leading the Way with Forward-Thinking
Technological Solutions


User Centered UI/UX Design for your Digital Products

We are committed to designing user-friendly applications that enhance customer experience.


Cutting-Edge, Ready to Launch Products - Built from Scratch

Whether you're looking for a new web or mobile app, a unique digital solution, we transform your idea into a great product.


Trusted Cloud Solutions and Devops Partner

Leverage the power of the cloud and improve your operations and drive growth.


Immersive Gaming and Learning Experience with AR and VR

We are transforming how industries from education to entertainment and manufacturing interact and learn.


Big Data and Analytics-Driven Business Intelligence

Harnessing the power of Big Data and Analytics for Data-driven business decisions.


Leverage the Transformational Power of Blockchain

We help organizations with smart contract creation and secure blockchain system implementation.

150+ Successful Client Partnerships
Cartoon Mango - Adobe | Technology Partner - Application Development
Adobe - Design and Tech Partner for Application Development
Cartoon Mango - BCCI | UI/UX Design and Fantasy Gaming Application Development
BCCI - Gamification and Fan Engagement Application Development
Cartoon Mango - Cleartrip | Technology Partner Travel Application Development
Cleartrip - Technology Partner for Product Development
Cartoon Mango - DRDO | UI/UX Design and Surveillance Application Development
DRDO - Design and Technology Partner for Surveillance Systems
Cartoon Mango - JIO | Creative Design for JIO Digital Products
Reliance Jio - Creative Design Partner for JIO Digital Product
Cartoon Mango - Kotak Mahindra Bank | UI/UX Design and Banking Application Development
Design and Technology Partner for Developing Banking Solutions
Cartoon Mango - Mahindra | UI/UX Design and Application Development Partner
Technology Partner for Innovative Products and Enterprise Solutions
Cartoon Mango - Rapido | UI/UX Design and Tech Partner for Website Development
Design and Technology Partner for Developing Digital Presence

Designing Technology
for Businesses of All Sizes.

Whether you're looking for a web or new mobile app, PWA, advanced enterprise solution, or a unique digital product, we have the expertise to make it happen

Cartoon Mango - Minimum Viable Product Development Company

Idea to Minimum Viable Product (MVPs)

We help turn your ideas into functional MVPs. We specialize in bringing ideas to life quickly, so you can get feedback and make informed decisions.

Cartoon Mango - Technology Development Company

Driving Business Growth through Technology

We enable businesses to accelerate their growth with technology and help them to scale their operations, reach a larger audience and tap into new markets.

Enterprise Application Development

Streamline Business with Enterprise Solutions

Our Enterprise solutions like ERP and CRM help businesses be more efficient by organizing operations and providing access to more resources

Fantasy Gaming application development and UI/UX design - Cartoon Mango


Digital Product Development for BCCI to Engage Cricket Fans

We are proud to have partnered with the BCCI and the IPL franchise for two consecutive years to deliver a fantasy gaming experience in BCCI web and mobile application to the largest fanbase of cricket fanatics in the world. The platform has been appreciated for catering the best gamification experience to over a million users.

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Teaming Up with the Global FMCG Chain for Creating a Digital Platform

Globally, Metro is a leading international wholesale and food retail company, and they want to increase their digital footprint in India to reach a larger audience by creating a web and mobile application for their B2B users. We partnered with Metro to help them design their ecommerce B2B platform.

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FMCG Application UI/UX Design and Development - Cartoon Mango
News Media Application UI/UX Design and Mobile application Development - Cartoon Mango


Enhancing the User Engagement with Mobile App for News Organization

News Laundry, a well-known news organization, has a large audience who regularly consume their content on their website. In order to better serve this audience and offer a personalized experience, we are excited to partner with News Laundry to develop their Android and IOS mobile application. This app will allow their subscribers to easily access and enjoy their content on the go, as well as benefit from personalized recommendations and an enhanced podcast experience

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Mapping the Eco Friendly Route for Mahindra Glyd

Our collaboration with Mahindra involved creating an experience for their users that reflected their brand values and eco-friendly services. Mahindra was seeking a design that embodied the principles of Glyd and enabled them to launch their first electric cab service, which we able to deliver successfully.

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Mobility application UI/UX design and development - Cartoon Mango

Service Offerings
that Meet your Business Needs.

Whether you're looking to build a new website or app, improve your user experience, or develop custom software application and analytics solutions, we have the skills and expertise to help you succeed

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  • 01.

    User Experience Design

    We specialize in creating user-centered UI/UX designs that provide an intuitive and engaging experience for users. We use a range of processes which involves design thinking, UX strategy and UX research, user flows, prototyping, wireframing and visual design to arrive at design solutions tailored to clients' needs.

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  • 02.

    Application Development

    We offer custom application development services to businesses of all sizes. Whether you're launching a new product or looking to improve an existing one, our team can help you create user-friendly web, mobile, progressive web applications and any digital applications that fit your specific goals.

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  • 03.

    Big Data and Analytics

    We help businesses to harness the power of big data and analytics for data driven business decisions. We help companies to collect, process, and analyze their data to gain insights and drive their key decisions. Whether you're improving infrastructure or seeking a competitive edge, we can help you turn data into a valuable asset.

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  • 04.

    Blockchain Development

    We help our clients to implement solutions using blockchain technology for improving transparency, security, and efficiency in their operations. Whether you're looking to use blockchain for fintech applications, digital asset management, or any other business process, we can help you leverage its benefits.

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  • 05.

    AI and Machine Learning

    We offer AI and ML solutions to businesses looking to Streamline Processes, improve efficiency and gain valuable insights. Whether you're looking to use AI and ML for predictive analytics, computer vision, fraud detection, or any other business function, we can help you harness the power of these technologies

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  • 06.

    AR/VR Experience

    Our team specializes in providing augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) solutions to businesses. Whether you're looking to use AR and VR for Education or Entertainment purposes, or for Industrial Training, Manufacturing functions, or any other use case we can help you implement.

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Hear the stories behind our digital success, learnings, and best practices, and gain valuable insights into how we create successful digital solutions.

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Disaster Recovery Strategy for Real Estate Enterprise

Building a Resilient Architecture: Empowering Real Estate Operations with a Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Strategy

May 7, 2023

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