Cartoon Mango - UI/UX Design and Application development Company from Coimbatore and Bangalore,IndiaCartoon Mango - UI/UX Design and Application development Company from Coimbatore and Bangalore,India

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Cartoon Mango is one of the best React and React Native application development company in Bangalore and Coimbatore, India. We specialize in developing cutting edge, highly scalable web and mobile applications. We provide end to end custom application development services from creating a react and react native application for startups to enterprise application development.

Cartoon Mango - React Application Development

Broad Selection of React Applications
Developed for Our Clientele

We have used React and React Native to create revolutionary web, PWA and mobile applications for a range of clients across industries.

Cartoon Mango - Adobe | Technology Partner - Application Development
Adobe - Developing internal solutions using React
Cartoon Mango - News Laundry | News and Media Application with React
News Laundry - News and Media application development using React Native
Cartoon Mango - Kiddenz | React and NextJS B2B Listing Application Development
ADA India - Ecommerce Application development with React and NextJS
Cartoon Mango - Mahindra | MIS development with D3JS and React
Mahindra - Management Information System(MIS) development using React
Cartoon Mango - Outlook Business | News Portal Application development in react
Outlook Business - Media web application development using React and NextJS
Cartoon Mango - Rapido | Website Development using NextJS
Rapido - Rapido Website development with React and NextJS
Cartoon Mango - Qlan | Esports application development with react native
Qlan - Social media applications for Esports Gamers using React Native

Benefits of React
Powered Applications

Whether you're looking for a web or new mobile app, PWA, advanced enterprise solution, or a unique digital product, we have the expertise to make it happen

Cartoon Mango - Cross-Platform Application Development in React.

Cross-Platform Applications

React Native makes it easy and cost-effective to build cross-platform applications for iOS, and Android applications using a single codebase. If you want to offer a seamless, omni-channel experience to your customers, React is an excellent choice.

Cartoon Mango - Fastest application development in React .

Accelerated Development Time

At Cartoon Mango, we use atomic design and focus on creating reusable components. React is our preferred choice for this purpose because it allows us to easily build and maintain our applications by creating reusable components that can be shared across the app. This enables us to reduce the time to develop market ready applications.

 Cartoon Mango - High Performance Application Development in React.

Enhanced Performance

React and React Native are technologies that can help make your application run more efficiently and smoothly. They do this by using components and special techniques like virtual DOM that optimize how the app works behind the scenes.


Maximize the Benefits of React to Create High Performing Cross Platform Applications


ReactJS Web
Application Development

ReactJS is our go-to framework for developing modern, high-performing enterprise web applications. React is an effective tool for quickly building web applications, whether it's a standalone app or a platform application. Its features and syntax make it easy to develop and maintain applications. Its virtual DOM helps ensure that the user-facing parts of a web page work smoothly, and its support for reusable components makes it easier to build and maintain complex web apps. If you're interested in developing a web application, we'd be happy to talk about how React can help bring your idea to fruition.

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NextJS Web
Application Development

Next.js is a powerful tool for building modern, performant websites. We rely on NextJS for its ability to efficiently render and update the user interface in response to changes in data and it simplifies the process of building fast, reliable websites using JavaScript. Its features, like automatic code splitting and server-side rendering, enhance website performance and SEO. We also use NextJS to create static versions of a website that can be hosted on a CDN for faster loading times.

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React Native Mobile
Application Development

React Native is one of our preferred frameworks for developing high-quality mobile apps for iOS and Android. It allows us to build native mobile apps using the same reusable components we use for web development with React, saving time and resources. React Native's virtual DOM and reusable components make it an efficient tool for building and maintaining mobile apps, and its access to native device features like the camera or GPS allows us to create engaging mobile experiences. If you're considering developing a Mobile Application, we'd be happy to discuss how React can help make your project a success

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Progressive Web
Application Development

At Cartoon Mango, we have experts in developing state-of-the-art progressive web applications using React. Progressive web apps (PWAs) are web apps that offer the look and feel of native mobile apps, but they can be accessed through a web browser and don't require downloading from an app store. Our team of seasoned developers is adept at using React to create high-performing PWAs that provide a smooth user experience across multiple devices. If you're thinking about developing a PWA, we'd be glad to talk about how React can help bring your project to life.

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Cross Platform
Application Development

Our company is known for developing top-notch cross-platform applications using React. Cross-platform apps are software applications that can be used on a variety of platforms, including iOS, Android, and the web. If you are looking to develop a cross-platform application, we would be happy to discuss how our experienced team can help you to build innovative, high-performing cross-platform apps that offer a seamless user experience across multiple device.

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We Have Delivered 100+ Digital Products


Sports and Gaming

IPL Fantasy League
Innovation and Development Partners for BCCI's official Fantasy Gaming Platform

Banking and Fintech

Kotak Mahindra Bank
Designing a seamless user experience for Kotak 811 digital savings account

News and Media

News Laundry
Reader-Supported Independent News and Media Organisation