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Bidzapp - Auction led Ecommerce

Developing an auction-led e-commerce platform for Bidzapp

Cartoon Mango - Case Study | Developing an auction-led e-commerce platform for Bidzapp


Bidzapp is India's innovative auction-led e-commerce platform that allows customers to purchase the latest products and services from leading brands at significantly reduced prices. With the power of real-time bidding, customers can take advantage of the platform's unique pricing system to get the best deals available.

Cartoon Mango collaborated with Bidzapp to develop and design their mobile and web-based bidding platform, which enables users to engage in real-time auctions and secure the best prices possible

Auction-led e-commerce platform Development

The Challenges

Bidzapp presented several challenges during the development of their auction-led e-commerce platform. Firstly, the platform had to support real-time auctions that were easy to participate in and scale according to user demand. Secondly, the platform needed to have an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allowed customers to browse and bid on products effortlessly. Finally, Bidzapp requested a WhatsApp integration to streamline communication and enhance the overall user experience.

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The Approach

Cartoon Mango adopted a comprehensive approach that involved several key steps:

UI/UX Design:
The team focused on creating an intuitive and user-friendly interface for the auction platform, taking into account the need for ease of use and seamless navigation. Special attention was paid to the design of the bidding process to ensure that it was straightforward and easy to follow.

Platform Development:
The team developed a robust platform that could handle real-time auctions and could easily scale to accommodate large volumes of users. The platform was also designed to integrate seamlessly with WhatsApp to allow users to receive auction updates and product alerts directly on their mobile devices. Flutter was used to develop a seamless omni-channel experience for users across web, mobile, and tablet devices.

Extensive testing was carried out to ensure that the platform was stable, secure, and performed flawlessly under different scenarios.

The platform was deployed across multiple devices and platforms, including iOS and Android mobile apps, as well as a web-based version.

The approach adopted by Cartoon Mango helped to ensure that Bidzapp's auction-led e-commerce platform was user-friendly, scalable, and capable of handling real-time auctions. The platform's integration with WhatsApp also helped to boost user engagement and make the bidding experience more convenient and seamless.

The Impact

The auction-led e-commerce platform developed by Cartoon Mango for Bidzapp had a significant impact. By providing a user-friendly and engaging experience for real-time auctions, Bidzapp was able to attract a large number of customers who were drawn in by the prospect of buying top brands at half the price or even less.

The platform's integration with WhatsApp also proved to be a game-changer, making it more convenient for users to stay up-to-date with auction updates and product alerts. The omni-channel experience provided by the web, mobile, and tablet apps ensured that Bidzapp's platform was accessible to customers across all devices, further enhancing the platform's reach and user engagement.

Overall, the auction-led e-commerce platform developed by Cartoon Mango for Bidzapp helped to establish the company as a leader in the Indian e-commerce space, providing a seamless and engaging experience for customers while also driving business growth for the company.

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