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Creating the Official Indian Cricket Fantasy Game for Worldwide Cricket Enthusiasts

IPL Fantasy Gaming Application Development


The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has been hosting the IPL Fantasy League, a fantasy gaming application for cricket enthusiasts worldwide. This immersive gamification experience allows users to create their dream teams, with players from various IPL teams assigned virtual values. The league offers both daily and seasonal formats, attracting millions of cricket fans during the IPL season.

While this platform was initially available only as a web-based application, BCCI sought to expand its reach by launching an Android and IOS application to cater to the growing number of users. Our company was entrusted with the task of developing a user-friendly web and mobile application for the IPL Fantasy League, ensuring seamless integration with the existing IPL web and mobile platform and enhancing the gaming experience for cricket fans across the globe.

IPL Fantasy Gaming Application Architecture

The Challenges

During peak hours, the IPL Fantasy website had to manage an immense volume of requests, which posed challenges for the previous edition. The platform needed to accommodate million users efficiently.

The user interface required significant enhancements, and the web pages had to be optimized for exceptionally high demands and real-time score tracking. In addition to individual user leaderboards, the platform featured group leaderboards, with hundreds of users in each group. Updating live leaderboards for both individuals and groups in real-time was a critical aspect of the platform's functionality.

Cartoon Mango team tackled these challenges by focusing on optimizing the platform for high-traffic scenarios and ensuring seamless performance even during peak hours. We improved the user interface and implemented advanced technologies for real-time score tracking and updating of both individual and group leaderboards.

Fantasy Gaming Application Illustrations

The Approach

In partnership with our client, we established the groundwork for India's leading fantasy cricket platform. Each element of the process was meticulously designed to ensure the platform's scalability at all times.

A serverless approach was key to this achievement, enabling us to concentrate on the business logic and architecture of our design to accommodate increased traffic volumes. For real-time leaderboard updates, we employed the Spark engine to process user squad data and compute leaderboards instantly based on live match information.

One of the crucial aspects of Cartoon Mango’s development process was the UI/UX design. Our team of experienced designers focused on creating an intuitive, user-friendly interface that catered to cricket enthusiasts' needs. We conducted extensive research, user testing, and iterative design to ensure that the web and mobile applications provided a seamless and enjoyable experience for users.

We developed a comprehensive system that encompassed staging, deployment, maintenance, delivery, and redesign of the IPL Fantasy League web and mobile applications, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for cricket enthusiasts.

The Impact

We were delighted to deliver an exceptional digital experience for fantasy league cricket enthusiasts. Cartoon Mango’s development of a fantasy gaming application featuring an enhanced user experience and gamification platform enabled the IPL Fantasy League to seamlessly accommodate millions of users during peak periods. Additionally, the platform retained users throughout the season, in contrast to previous IPL seasons.

There were no instances of downtime or difficulties experienced. Our efforts contributed to a 1.5X increase in users, with many new users expressing appreciation for the digital experience provided on the platform.

The IPL Fantasy League project was one of Cartoon Mango's most challenging undertakings. Within the fantasy gaming industry, it has been recognized for delivering one of the most engaging user experiences.

IPL Fantasy Gaming Application Ui/UX Design

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