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Metro Cash and Carry - B2B Ecommerce

Creating a Digital Storefront for a Wholesale Expert

Metro Cash and Carry - B2B Ecommerce | Cartoon Mango Case Study


METRO Cash & Carry, a division of the global Metro Group, is a premier business-to-business wholesaler in India. Catering to the unique needs of traders, hotels, restaurants, caterers, offices, and institutions, the company allows professional customers to select their desired products all under one roof, pay for them in cash, and conveniently take the items with them.

Recognizing the need for a digital storefront to enhance their customers' experience, METRO Cash & Carry sought the expertise of Cartoon Mango for UI/UX design. Together, we developed a user-friendly, visually appealing online platform that made it even more convenient for clients to access METRO's wide range of products and services, further solidifying the company's position as a leader in the B2B wholesale market.

Metro Cash and Carry - B2B Ecommerce Application UI/UX Design

The Challenges

With 24 wholesale distribution centers across India, Metro serves a diverse clientele including retail stores, Kirana stores, hotels, restaurants, caterers (HoReCa), corporate clients, small businesses, and offices.

The primary challenge was to create a simplified purchasing process and reduce the overall purchase time for Metro's customers, especially small businesses. A significant portion of their customer base consists of small Kirana shop owners who require an easy-to-use app that streamlines the buying experience and enhances efficiency for their businesses. Additionally, Metro offers an extensive range of categories, products, and various sets of offers, which posed a challenge in designing a platform that effectively organizes and presents this vast selection without overwhelming the user.

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The Approach

To address the challenges faced by Metro Cash & Carry, we adopted a strategic approach that focused on understanding the needs of their diverse clientele and the organization's objectives.

User Research and Analysis:
We began with extensive user research and analysis to identify the specific requirements of Metro's customers, such as small restaurants and kirana shop owners. This information guided our development process for the digital storefront, ensuring a seamless and efficient shopping experience.

Intuitive UI/UX Design:
Our design team prioritized creating an intuitive and visually appealing user interface for the app. We carefully organized the extensive range of categories, products, and offers to ensure easy navigation and a clutter-free experience for users.

Simplified Purchasing Process:
To cater to Metro's diverse clientele, we focused on developing a simplified purchasing process that reduced overall purchase time. This included streamlining the checkout process, integrating various payment options, and optimizing the app's performance for faster loading times.

Collaboration and Feedback:
Throughout the development process, we maintained open communication with the Metro team to discuss progress, share ideas, and seek feedback. This ensured that the digital storefront aligned with Metro's expectations and objectives.

By following this comprehensive approach, we were able to design a digital storefront that met the needs of Metro Cash & Carry's diverse clientele and contributed to the company's ongoing success in the B2B wholesale market.

The Impact

The digital storefront for Metro Cash & Carry had a profound and positive impact on both the organization and its customers.

1.Enhanced Customer Experience:
By designing an intuitive and user-friendly app, we significantly improved the shopping experience for Metro's customers, including small Kirana shop owners. The streamlined purchasing process and easy navigation increased customer satisfaction and fostered brand loyalty.

2.Wider Reach:
The digital storefront expanded Metro's presence, making their products and services more accessible to a larger audience. This led to an increase in new customers and further solidified their position as a leading B2B wholesaler in India.

3.Increased Sales:
With a simplified purchasing process and a visually appealing platform, Metro experienced an increase in sales, as customers found it easier to browse and purchase products.

4.Efficient Operations:
The digital storefront allowed for more efficient operations by reducing the overall purchase time, optimizing inventory management, and providing valuable insights into customer preferences and shopping patterns.

5.Strengthened Brand Image:
The user-friendly and efficient digital storefront reinforced Metro Cash & Carry's commitment to providing exceptional service and quality products, enhancing their brand image as a trusted B2B wholesaler.

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