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Qlan - The Gamers Social Network

Developing a Comprehensive Networking Platform for Gamers and Esports Enthusiasts

Esports Social Application Development Case Study


Qlan is an AI-powered app that serves as a one-stop networking hub for gamers and esports enthusiasts. With the app, users can create custom profiles, connect with fellow gamers, and sync their in-game statistics to showcase their skills and achievements. Qlan's unique features make it easier for gamers to find and connect with each other, form teams, and participate in various esports events and tournaments.

Cartoon Mango collaborated with Qlan to design and develop the Qlan application, providing a seamless and engaging user experience. The team's goal was to create an intuitive, visually appealing, and scalable application that would enable gamers to connect with each other effortlessly.

Esports and Gaming Application Development

The Challenges

Qlan's goal was to create a one-stop networking hub for esports enthusiasts, which posed several challenges that Cartoon Mango had to address. One of the primary challenges was developing a system that could seamlessly sync users' in-game statistics across multiple gaming platforms. Another challenge was creating a system that allowed users to create and manage multiple profiles, including solo, team, and organization profiles, and enabling chat functionalities between different profile types.

The challenge for cartoon mango was to create a platform that could connect gamers on a social level and would be dedicated to the gaming and esports community.

To ensure that the Qlan platform was user-friendly and engaging, the team focused on creating a seamless news feed experience that kept users up-to-date with the latest esports news and events. Additionally, the platform included premium features that required payment integration, which posed a challenge in terms of creating a secure and reliable payment gateway.

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The Approach

Cartoon Mango adopted a comprehensive approach that involved several key steps:

UX/UI Design: The team focused on creating an intuitive and user-friendly interface for Qlan, taking into account the need for seamless navigation across different features and sections of the app. Special attention was paid to designing custom profile pages for solo players, teams, and organizations, as well as integrating chat features that allowed different types of profiles to communicate with each other.

Backend Development: The team developed a robust backend system that could handle the syncing of in-game stats and profiles, as well as support real-time chat and news feed updates. The system was designed to leverage AI-based algorithms to match users with compatible gaming partners and Solr as a search engine to discover other gamers

Payment Integration: To enable premium features and in-app purchases, the team integrated a secure payment gateway that allowed users to seamlessly upgrade their accounts and access additional perks such as advanced stats tracking and analytics.

Quality Assurance: Extensive testing was carried out to ensure that the app was stable, secure, and performed flawlessly under different scenarios, including high-traffic periods and simultaneous user activity.

Deployment: The Qlan app was deployed across different platforms, including iOS and Android mobile apps, as well as a web-based version, to provide an omni-channel experience for gamers and esports enthusiasts.

By adopting this approach, Cartoon Mango was able to deliver a one-stop networking hub for esports enthusiasts that not only met their requirements for syncing stats and profiles but also provided a seamless and engaging user experience with personalized recommendations, advanced analytics, and secure payment options.

The Impact

The Qlan app, developed in collaboration with Cartoon Mango, has had a significant impact on the esports community, providing a one-stop networking hub for gamers and enthusiasts. The app's seamless integration of AI-based technology, custom profiles, and in-game statistics syncing has transformed the way gamers connect with each other.

Additionally, the app's advanced chat features and customizable news feed have enabled users to engage more effectively with their respective gaming communities. The incorporation of premium features with payment integration has also generated new revenue streams for the platform.

Overall, the Qlan app has revolutionized the esports landscape, providing a powerful and user-friendly networking solution for gamers and enthusiasts alike.

Qlan Esports Social Network Application UI/UX Design

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